A Privacy-Focused Alternative To Google Keep.

didoe is free and you can use it by going to didoe.org. You can also open the menu and click shopping. You aren't tracked on didoe and your data isn't collected in any way. didoe doesn't use any (Google Meta Amazon Apple Microsoft) code, services, software, or servers. On didoe your shopping habits and list data are safe from them and everyone else.

Know how much your next grocery trip will cost before you go. As you add items to your list, prices from the previous time you purchased that item will be used. Only have $10 to spend? Easily track how much you've spent so far as you check items off your list.

Why write milk every time you need to add milk to your grocery list? No more. With didoe start typing milk and you'll see your original milk entry popup. Selecting it autofills the rest of the word milk and all the purchase data associated with milk. You can see the last price you paid for that milk and see what the average price for that milk is at the stores around you. It's kind of an object-oriented shopping list. Each item on your list is a re-usable object.

Track where you spend your money and the politics those companies support.

Using didoe Research, you can block companies you don't want to support. Once a company is blocked, if a product from that company shows up on your Shopping List it will be highlighted in bright red.

Company names on didoe can be accompanied by a color bar below the name. Color is a quick way to judge a company's values right from your Shopping List.

didoe is an app and works like any app you've used. The difference is that you don't get didoe by going to your app store, you get didoe by going to didoe.org. It's a web app.

didoe is currently in beta. It's rough at the moment. DO NOT PUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION ON DIDOE besides items you're shopping for. Your grocery list isn't personal unless you post things that make you personally identifiable. Don't do that. At some point in the future I may have better confidence that didoe is secure enough for personal information but it isn't now. Even if you're logged in, treat any data on didoe as if it's on a public forum accessible to all.

Please feel free to sign up for an account and start voting with your wallet. Thank you. Anyone using didoe is a great help to the development of this project.

The next stage of didoe will be carbon footprint info about your purchases. The goal is for users to see their granular carbon footprint and their total footprint. d.i.d.o.e. stands for Data In Defense Of Earth and our mascot is a two headed dodo bird. Di means two so a two-headed dodo would be a didoe (at least in our book). Why a two-headed dodo? Well the idea is that two heads working together is better than one. If the dodo birds had been able to coordinate and work together, they wouldn't be extinct. The same goes for humanity, if we can coordinate and work together and stop companies that destroy the environment, we can make a much better future and not go extinct.




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didoe moved out of alpha and into beta. It finally feels like a real product. Not bad considering I didn't know any of the languages of didoe's stack when I started writing didoe. I've learned everything along the way.

List sharing has been disabled but will be back soon.


Demo mode is done.

Research article images aren't displaying correctly in some browsers.


My apologies to Richard Stallman for using so much JavaScript.


See your list totals. You can easily see how much you've already purchased and know how much you have left to go. Just open a list and click the green down arrow next to the list title. The first click opens list options and the second click opens list amounts.

didoe works on desktop. didoe is designed for mobile first, but it works great in landscape mode too.


  BLOCKED         You can now block the companies you don't want to contribute to. Enter a company name in Research and click   block  

When you block a company their company color will appear hard red and you will be warned if a product from that company or any of that company's parents or subsidiaries are on your Shopping List. Login and give it a try.


Happy Thanksgiving! didoe development resumes after a hiatus. I know a few of you are enjoying using it. Thank you for the feedback.


List sharing is now a thing. Make a list and share it with others. Just click the little drop-down arrow to get list options.


Things are coming together. My family and I have moved to yet another country but development continues.


Harmonizing click and touch logic is difficult.


Still working on Shopping. The mobile layout is coming along. The desktop layout is pretty borked at the moment. ;D


Well then. The times we live in sure are interesting, aren't they? I've had to leave where I was stationed and fly half-way around the world to shelter in-place. It's hard to concentrate during a global pandemic, especially when you're a news junky. Shopping is coming along nicely, though. Please take a look. Thanks, and I hope everyone is healthy and safe.


Finishing up comments for links. You can see this in smart money. Removed Community Update.


Spent the last couple days working on tightening up the site functionality a bit, making the mobile layout more intuitive and functional, refactoring, etc. I've also been imagining how I want Shopping to work. The idea is that you make a Shopping List like you would in a million other apps, but once you add something to the list you can see which companies you are contributing to and see alternatives from companies that are more inline with your beliefs. You might also get suggestions for similar products that have a lower carbon footprint. As always, I'm doing all this with the idea of not collecting or using any of your data. I don't want to know who you are or anything about you. None of this infrastructure runs through Google, Microsoft, Amazon or anybody else. Your data is yours.

Update 1-17-2020:

Research is up and running! Research allows you to keep track of the good and bad things companies do. If you see a story about a product or company that makes them look good or bad, post it in Research. You also get to rate that story and affect the overall quality color a company or product has. Enough good articles and a company or product is green. Enough bad articles and the color goes red. The point is to allow users to quickly tell if a company is something that they want to patronize. After all, why support a company that doesn't support you?

This project is dedicated to Emma.
She is unique in her wish to know the real me.